Yak, yak, yak …

This weekend, I spent time with fellow Big Yakkers in Marble Arch having countless conversations that have led to new ideas and solutions to some old and persisting challenges.

It never fails to amaze me the power of an unconference to harness the knowledge and experience of the super talented attendees into tangible actions.

Nine times out of ten someone has been through something you are working on and can suggest a different way to approach it – it’s all part of working smarter.

Here’s a few takeaways from the sessions I attended on the day:



  • Assess outcomes mapped to behaviours
  • There’s many ways to report on IC measurement – quarterly reports, scorecards, dashbaords. The key thing is to know why you’re reporting and how it will inform what you do
  • Empower managers to collect metrics, especially around testing the understanding of the communications

Check out the helpful CIPR Inside Communication Measurement Matrix.


Coaching leaders

  • Build relationships so that leaders have the confidence to be vulnerable around you
  • If facing resistance, build their confidence one step at a time – from safe initiatives to bolder initiatives. E.g. get them to a written blog first before approaching a video
  • Encourage them to practice their social media external voice through internal social networks
  • Understand who influences them – make them your ally
  • Play to their strengths
  • Use peer coaching and reverse mentoring



  • Where you can and it makes sense, allow for self-service comms – a form with ratings for the communications project can help internal clients identify how they can help themselves
  • A simple solution to giving yourself more time – have a briefing sheet for key departments to forecast upcoming communications needs
  • Chatbots will work well if you have a lot of FAQ content
  • Have you considered what you could automate from an IC point of view? How about user generated news stories using a form filled in by the end user – I can’t wait to here how this pilot goes in the coming months!


Line managers

  • Make sure you Janet and John everything you send line managers
  • Provide them with additional content so they can field employee questions
  • Consider how to make middle managers feel special: Celebrate the good practice you see
  • Some ideas: Leader monthly webinar, tick list of monthly comms expectations for managers, video of what a good team meeting looks like.


Employee Social Networks

  • Use a hook to launch a new ESN – prompt people to suggest content
  • Get your senior leaders to buy-in and use from day one


You can find out more on the IC Crowd.


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