Why you should apply for the LGComms Future Leaders Programme

So applications have opened for the LG Communications Future Leaders programme. It’s the once a year opportunity for 12 aspiring head of communications to develop the leadership skills needed to take them to the next level.

I have recently completed the course and feel that I have grown a great deal over the last eight months. I’ve had time to reflect on what kind of leader I want to be and developed the skills to make this a reality.

Though, it’s not something you should go into lightly – there are sessions held up and down the county – and there is a big time commitment. As often is the case in life, the more you put in, the more you get out of it.

My highlights included:

  • The group – the people on the programme were fab – I learnt loads from them, the approaches they are taking in their organisations and the conversations around best practice
  • Hearing from experts – I got a lot of value from hearing a number of people speak over the eight months, including the likes of Alex Aiken, David Holdstock, Emma Rodgers and Hayley Lewis.
  • Comms Academy – you have the opportunity to attend the famed Comms Academy – a worthwhile 2 days of CPD.
  • Academic 2 day session – this was facilitated by Paul Willis and honed in leadership and how you demonstrate leadership behaviours. You complete an assignment following the session too.
  • Mentoring – I am grateful for the expertise of Matt Nicholls, Head of Communications Support at the LGA, who was my mentor for the duration of the programme. We had several phone sessions where he supported me with some of the challenges I was facing and helped me shed some light and suggested new ideas to tackle them head on.

You can read a blog post I worte following the first couple of days on the programme.

Don’t just take my word for it! Here’s the super Paul Compton and Sarah Yates sharing their stories from the programme:

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