Building your credibility as a leader

Over the years, I’ve listened to how Communications professionals have shared their wisdom about how to be a trusted advisor and develop the skills, knowledge and attributes to get you a seat at the table.

Here’s a round-up of what has resonated with me:

  • Behave as though you sit on the Board (even if you don’t!) – provide strong, clear strategic advice
  • Give clarity and confidence of direction
  • Have an open approach by being a visible team player
  • Consider why should a Board take your advice. Understand the financial and business picture, as well as what Board requirements
  • Build your own business understanding
  • Be seen to ask the right question – even if it isn’t your area of expertise
  • Share plans and planning and encourage review and feedback
  • Share things early to get buy-in
  • Your reputation is 90% what you do and 10% what you say
  • Build your own body of evidence
  • Demonstrate your professionalism
  • Get training from Institute of Directors / read Management Today / Harvard Business Review

What else would you add?



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