Leaders of Tomorrow International

In August after signing up with the United Nations Online Volunteering programme, I joined a voluntary organisation based in Cameroon called the Leaders of Tomorrow International (LOTI). This charity resonated with me, as it helps underprivileged students access higher education through IT training and scholarships.

They are facing the difficulty of increasing demand for their services and not enough funding to satisfy them all, so I’m assisting them with PR to make sure they are putting their best foot forward to secure donors, not only for money but for equipment also.

It’s truly a great little team of international volunteers with Fai Yengo the founder based in Cameroon and Maria Jakimovska who co-ordinates the volunteer activities from Denmark and other current volunteers are from South Africa, USA and Italy.

So far I have helped with news stories on the website, drafting the online marketing strategy and started the ball rolling again with social media. I’m looking forward to helping LOTI reach their goals.

For more information about how you could help the Leaders of Tomorrow International, please go to: http://www.loticameroon.org


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