Why is PR so important for secondary education providers?

Over recent years, the advancement of technology has allowed access to information on a 24/7 basis. For schools and other education providers this has led to Marketing and PR  becoming a necessity in order to remain competitive and here’s why …

Heightened and Varied Competition: The education environment has become a very diverse place with the development of  many different types of schools including Free Schools, Academies and Community Schools. This complex web of school offerings has made it even more essential for schools to break through the clutter and ensure potential students and their parents know why they should choose your school over the ‘one down the road’.

Reputation Management: Schools cannot afford to leave how they are perceived by the community, students, parents and the media to chance due to the above reason. Although it is not possible to control everything that is said, pro-actively promoting the good and addressing the negative will help  to manage a school’s reputation in a more effective way.

The obvious Funding Implications: It’s needless to say that every space that is not filled within a school has an effect on funding. Through engaging with Marketing and PR, a school can promote itself to be an attractive option that meets the needs of students and parents.

Two-Way Communication System: Adopting a marketing focus requires not only communication to originate from the school, but to actively seek and research the opinions of key people including; students, parents, staff and the community. Once you begin to evaluate and take into consideration these thoughts and opinions, people will feel extremely valued.

Marketing and PR should not be ignored by schools and will become increasingly important with the continuous developments in technology.


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